Food that is good for your soul

Have you ever heard that there is food that is good for your soul?

Everything here in life you need to have balance with

If you do too much thats not god but if you do too little that is not god either

When you are training then there is really important that you eat healthy food

But sometimes you need to have a few days off

For example 2 days off and then you can buy whatever junk food or candy or whatever you want and feed your soul.

Because when you are feeding your soul for example 2 days you get it out of your system

and then when you are going back to train you can train better with no distraction for a longer time.

This feeding your soul you can do it 2 times a month or one time a month

I can promise you that this really works 🙂

It´s better to have 2 days off a month than that you eat every week or every day.

It can be hard at first but it gets easyer.  

Train, eat well and remember feed your soul 🙂

Have a great weekend 🙂


– Andrè

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